Specialisation and
constant innovation


Grup EBM constantly invests in resources and innovation to be able to provide an added value of quality and service to all our work.


We specialise in the chemical and pharmaceutical, paper and bottling plants especially fermented and distilled beverages. We have a highly qualified team of engineers, technicians and specialists who work together in the creation, development and maintenance of each project.


We have facilities with a floor space of over 640 m² with a space dedicated exclusively to training where technical conferences are held in order to share our experience with our customers.

Main sectors



The industrial sector is our core business: we have in depth knowledge of your needs and we offer a global package of large multidisciplinary solutions and continuous improvement works.

Our engineers study, plan and implement global projects of low voltage electrical installations, automation and control, air conditioning and fluid and gas installations.

We work in multiple sectors: pharmaceutical and chemical, food, wine and soft drinks, automation, paper, etc. and in all of them we look for the solution that best suits your needs.

We offer services ranging from small installations in new construction projects or major improvements.

Our engineers work together with those responsible for production in the improvement of production processes, providing technology for the automation, acquisition and management of data and information.

We study industrial plants until we know them inside out and we propose and implement solutions oriented towards productivity in general and energy efficiency.

Do you have to develop an industrial project or do you need someone to perform improvement or maintenance work, do you want your installation to work efficiently?


Contact us and we will look for the best solution for you.

Pharmaceutical and chemical


Grup EBM has a wide experience as a supplier of installations in laboratories and pharmaceutical and chemical production and research plants, which helps us to know about their processes and their machinery, as well as the requirements of their facilities and the needs of the sector and to apply them to the facilities that we develop.

We provide the most appropriate solutions for this sector, rigorously complying with the specifications and requirements and offering global solutions for both important projects and for the specific maintenance of the facilities.

Specialists in cleanroom or controlled environment facilities, essential in many processes of the sector and that require a thorough control of humidity, temperature, pressure, as well as the limitation and exclusion of microbes and particles.

Filtering, air conditioning and sealing are key processes to maintain the right environment and ensure production quality.

We design and put centralised or distributed air conditioning, critical fluid and water installations into operation with all the quality requirements that each process requires.

Are you looking for an engineering supplier of facilities for the pharmaceutical or chemical sector?


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Full coverage of works for industrial buildings, corporate headquarters, logistics centres, hotels and iconic buildings, offices and conference rooms, as well as in the catering sector, retail, supermarkets and general stores.

We carry out more general projects, such as low voltage climate and fluid installations, and other more specific and customised projects such as home automation and smart installations, studies, advice, design and implementation of lighting and audiovisual projects.

On the other hand, we detect the need of this sector to catch up on energy efficiency and help in the process of learning how to become more energy efficient, advising and implementing projects to reduce energy consumption.

Do you have to develop an installation or project in the tertiary sector or do you need an energy certificate?


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