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The union of our experience as engineers and installers provides us with a global vision of the projects we develop for our clients.
Discover in more depth everything we can do for you in terms of installations, air conditioning and fluids, automation and control engineering, lighting and energy consulting.

1. Installations

air conditioning and fluids

Electrical installations


The EBM Group are specialists in the implementation of low voltage electrical and control installations.  We are fully aware that the fieldwork is as important as the design to close a project successfully.

That is why our certified technicians and installers carry out the projects with the utmost professionalism and ensure the maintenance of our clients’ facilities.

Complex installations for all kind of environments, sterile, for the food sector, siderurgy, chemical, explosive atmospheres…

In addition, we have a technical office and a 640 m2 workshop for the management and implementation of our projects.

  • New construction installation
  • Lighting installation
  •  Industrial electrical installations
  • Manufacture of switchboards and distribution panels
  • Manufacture of control panels.  
  • Specific installations, classified areas and clean rooms.
  • EIB KNX home automation design and programming
  • Computer and telephone installations
  • CCTV installations
  • Production lines
  • Machinery electrification
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance management.

Air conditioning and fluids


The knowledge of our clients allows us to fulfill our service offer and implement solutions in a transversal way and thus cover all of your needs.

We implement air conditioning and industrial cooling projects, and the installation of fluids and gases pipe systems.

All of the services require a lot of attention at each stage of the project, either in the design or in the implementation of the installation. Our installers with lisences and certificates for this types of installations will implement the project so that your plant is as efficient as possible.

  • Industrial  and cooling installations.
  • HVAC systems, Centralised VRV direct expansion systems, air / water and air / air systems.
  • DHW and heating installations and integrated systems (aerothermal, solar panels, etc.)
  • Temperature and humidity controls.
  • Pumping systems.
  • Pumping centre.
  • Compressors and boilers.
  • Compressed air treatment.
  • Fire-fighting equipment.
  • Water treatment plants.
  • Nitrogen production plants.
  • Fuel gas installations.

2. Engineering

Control and industrial solutions



Solutions for the control and automation of industrial processes. Our solutions adapt to customer needs at all times.

We conduct automation processes for all the diferent areas of the industry.


  • Process, machinery, air conditioning HVAC.
  • Control for the white rooms.
  • Equipment upgrades and retrofit programs to bring your equipment up to current standards of efficiency and reliability.
  • Design and construction and implementation of control panels and applications.


We participate in all phases of the project, specifications and design, installation and programming, validation, commissioning and monitoring and carrying out turnkey projects.

  • Programming of PLCs, and HMI displays, Siemens, Siemens, rockwell, Schneider and Omron among other.
  • SCADA monitoring and control systems.
  • Programming and integration of servomotors.
  • System integration.
  • Basic and detailed engineering, EPLAN schemes.
  • Studies and integration of industral security systems.
  • Industrial communication (Profinet, Profibus, Siemens Industrial Ethernet, Modbus, Schneider Modbus TCP, Rockwell DeviceNet and Ethernet IP).
  • System integrations.
  • Design of artificial vision equipment.
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic operation and drives.
  • Production line implementation projects.



Comprehensive engineering for the design, technical management and legalisation of global projects for industry and construction.

We design and direct the implementation of installation projects of general industrial general utilities systems.

  • Low voltage electrical projects.
  • Compressed air projects.
  • Water and pumping systems projects.

· Air conditioning, DHW and industrial  cooling projects
· Design and drawings of Electric panels
· CE Certification

We carry out all the projects, generate all the documentation and realize all the formalities to legalise any installations subject to regulations.


  • Construction projects, budgeting, execution, and work management.
  • Digital processing ang creation of the documentation. Work under BIM methodologies.
  • Technical advice and consultancy on the process improvement and on implementation of energetic efficiency measures.
  • Planification of facility maintenance.
  • Technical reports about potential improvements and upgrades of the facility and equipment.


Lighting studies and projects to illuminate all spaces, industries, offices, meeting rooms and facades…

3. Consulting

and renewable energies



Committed to the EU goals for 2030, regarding the emission reduction, renewable energy penetration, and efficiency, we have set up an energy advisory office to accompany you in the transformation towards a more sustainable model, so that you consume less and better.

  • We perform exhaustive energy efficiency studies.
  • Network analysis.
  • Consumption monitoring.
  • Technical reports on efficiency improvements.
  • Search for financing and processing of grants.



We are foundation members of Feníe Energía and through them we sell electricity. We are committed to electric mobility, we are expanding the network of chargers for electric vehicles and we help you to meet energy efficiency standard ISO 50001. In addition, we design and implement home automation projects for saving energy in residential and office buildings.

  • Self-consumption facilities
  • Photovoltaic solar panels.
  • Micro wind turbines.
  • Cogeneration.
  • Biomass boilers.
  • Geothermal and and aerothermal systems.
  • Monitoring, maintenance and technical service.

Improving energy efficiency is not difficult, you just have to set goals, strategy and method.


Do you want to know how to save energy or make a renewable installation? Let’s talk.